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    This is now an archive site
    2015年 05月 27日(Wednesday) 15:37 - Strauss Sharon の投稿

    On May 27, 2015, the Fall 2015/2016 site went live, and this site was renamed This site is now for archive purposes only. Follow these instructions for restoring materials to the current Moodle site.

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    Moodle enrollment issue - RESOLVED!!!
    2015年 01月 18日(Sunday) 14:19 - Strauss Sharon の投稿

    The problem we reported earlier regarding Moodle enrollment issues in cross-listed courses has been resolved, thanks the efforts of Enterprise Services.  If you continue to see a problem, please don't hesitate to email the ProDesk. 

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    Moodle enrollment issue in cross-listed courses & Work-around
    2015年 01月 17日(Saturday) 21:57 - Strauss Sharon の投稿

    Many cross-listed courses are currently having a problem with the enrollments. Students enrolled in a secondary listing are not showing up in course rosters. Likewise, students registered via a secondary listing in courses with this problem will not see their course on their Moodle home page. We ...

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